Inside! Orion Whey Protein

Orion Performance Whey is crafted exclusively for fitness and muscle-building champions who want their protein supplement to be as effective as their efforts. It is scientifically designed with Enhanced Absorption to maximize the bioavailability of protein for the active body.

  • 25g Protein in Single Scoop
  • 150 Calories Per Serving
  • Added 16 Vitamins & Minerals
  • Self released 18 Amino Acids


The Filet Mignon of Protein?

Yes. We noticed that most protein companies in the US are using the same bulk protein powder blends in order to keep costs down. This has lead to a large stigma in the industry of protein always being chalky and terribly tasting.

This is why many call us the filet mignon of protein; using only the highest quality form of whey isolate, and delicious flavors that we designed ourselves - we offer a completely uniquely tasting alternative that makes you say; "This doesn't even taste like protein!"

Experience the Orion Effect yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund policy?

Yes! If you finish your entire bag and aren't willing to dive into shark infested waters to get your next one, we'll give you every penny back that you paid, hassle free - including shipping!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. If you would like to at any point cancel, change flavors, or change delivery periods of your Orion monthly subscription, you can easily message us through the live chat, or the contact page!

Are You In Stores?

No, as a small company based out of Dayton, OH - we've decided it would be best to remain online for the time being. This is mainly because we already put a lot of time/money into creating each of our products, and wouldn't want them to be sold at a higher price in other locations.

Why is Orion better?

It's simple; instead of buying our blend in bulk from other suppliers that don't care about quality or taste, we create our blend from the ground up. Using only pure isolates, and high quality ingredients, we've been able to offer a product that makes our customers say: "damn, that's some good stuff" - every time.