About Us

Orion™ is simply a community of individuals

focused on the enjoyment and style of youthfulness. 




Founder & CEO

Financial management and R&D specialist; Neil, makes Orion the innovator of innovators. He learned the ropes upon tapping into the used car market. As someone who enjoys watching movies of all kinds - Neil is dedicated to building the vision for Orion, making it an aspiring brand for new-veteran fitness nerds, like us.






Founder & COO

Business and networking mastermind; Aidan, makes Orion the company to be around. A natural-born entrepreneur, Aidan started his first customization company at age 10. As an avid enjoyer of traveling to new places - he focuses on perfecting Orion's manufacturing, business relations, and product line; making sure that our experience's quality exceeds your high expectations.



Head of Sales & External Accounts Manager

Master of connections and running sales operations; Matt, extends Orion's reach further than what seems possible. A natural people-person, Matt enjoys traveling to other countries for months, and with just a backpack manages to have a great time. As someone who loves to experience other cultures - he focuses on ensuring that Orion is always pushing its limits; making sure that we never limit our possibilities to "inside the box".