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What You Need to Know About Orion and its Owners

Neil, Josh, and Ryan (in the order of the picture above) are the owners of Orion. Neil is the Founder and President of Orion Supplements and has an amazing story (found below). Josh and Ryan joined the company in August of 2021 and have helped revolutionize the company. 

Neil's Story Behind Orion

      "I originally got into lifting for one reason (like all other guys) impress girls. This was short-lived as I quickly realized lifting is for one true reason and one reason only-- to better yourself one day at a time. I became enthralled by the ability to grow and achieve goals, thus I inevitably dove into other hobbies like reading, writing, and business endeavors. I felt like I had so much purpose on this earth, and that I was being called by God to do great things. In the spring of 2021 I officially launched Orion Supplements after a pain staking process of perfecting a protein that had never been created before.

         I knew full well that I would establish, with the help of others, the greatest supplement company of all time. A company not focused on money or market saturation, but a company that actually helped people become the best version of themselves, just like I am becoming the best version of myself. I simply want one thing, for others to achieve their full potential, because I know how good of a feeling it is when you are on the journey to achieve greatness. I want everybody to feel that same exact feeling. I am now 20 years old, and I almost want to cry of joy when I think that, Lord willing, I have another 60+ years to live what we call life." 

Start Changing Your Life

Orion is not some magical protein powder that will make you achieve all your wildest dreams. But it is a supplement that symbolizes that you are working on yourself every day, in that you are working out and aiding your muscles with supplemented and delicious tasting protein powder. Orion is special not because of the taste, but because of the identity shift that it creates in you, something far more valuable than gold. 


We are not a large corporate business focused on raking in profits, rather we purely want people to have the oppurtunity to drink the best tasting protein powder of their lives. We say our protein powder tastes the best for a reason--because it actually does. We want you to experience the thrill of chasing goals, building the life you really want, and becoming confident in who you are, all the while gulping down some delicious milkshake like protein powder.

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