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Orion Supplements

Orion Protein Sampler Pack

Orion Protein Sampler Pack

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Experience the Orion FLAVOR with our Orion Sampler Pack. Enjoy our 2 fan-favorite flavor samples (single servings); Cookies n' Cream & Chocolate Peanut Butter.

We're so confident in the USA made quality of our products that we know once you try ours you will never go back! 

The truth is, with the lack of trust that has been created within the supplement industry, it can be hard to know if what exactly it is that you’re ordering - especially when it comes to flavor.

Orion Supps set out to disrupt that industry by creating high-quality, American-made products that actually have FLAVOR!

Many now call us their "protein dealers" because we deliver extremely high quality product, in value packed bundles. If you ask anyone who's tried Orion, they will say the experience and customer service has blown away expectations every time... So why not give us a shot?


-25g of Loaded Protein combined with Whey, Collagen, PB Powder,  and Cookie Crumbles

-5g of sugar ensuring you keep your sugar levels low. 

-Electrolytes to recover from your workout

-18 Amino Acids for vital growth of muscle

-16 Vitamins for a healthy and energetic lifestyle

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