Collection: Whey Protein Powder (Nick's Copy)

Orion protein powder satisfies your sweet tooth while being packed with vitamins, whey protein, and amino acids to support an active lifestyle.


Smooth as a river pebble. Luxuriously rich like your grandma’s pies. Wholesome and earthy like the ingredients it’s made from. This is our protein powder. 

When we started making our powder a few years ago, we were shocked that so many protein powders on the market were filled with cheap junk! If you look into it, most protein powder companies source the same fillers, making their consistency clumpy and chalky. We decided to take a courageous step towards higher quality, beginning with the ingredients - mixing it together ourselves, by hand. The result is a taste that inspires joy and will always have your back whether you’re working out, living a busy schedule or just want to satisfy that ugly sweet tooth of yours!


We like to think of ourselves as the “filet mignon” of protein powder. Using 100% grass-fed whey protein isolate, not only does our blend not taste like protein, but is also very easy on the stomach (our best friends are lactose intolerant!)

Because we have complete control of not only our product's production but also our manufacturing, we can have confidence that the end result is 110% healthy, nutrient-packed and tasty. We want to extend this confidence to you, so we offer a complete (hassle-free) money back guarantee in case you wouldn't jump into shark infested waters to get your next one.

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  • Alanis M.


    "Super impressed with the flavor and smoothness for the amount of protein and fat."

  • Theodore M.


    "The flavor of this protein shake is so rich and complex, it's hard to believe it's not bad for you. They've really outdone themselves."

  • Zoe A.


    "This shake has become more than a drink; it's part of my daily ritual."